Projects and some achievements

Past and recent projects we carried out 

Some Achievements


            Since Local Government has been created, some achievement have been recorded in the area like agriculture, Health service, employment, water supply, modern amenities commercial activities, education, traditional institution.



As we all known that the local Government is one of the food basket of oyo state, the Local Government has been able to improve agricultural output in the following ways;

  1. Procurement of tractors to hire the farmers at a token amount for cultivation in order to improve farm output
  2. Purchase of large number of cutlass from state ministry of agriculture and natural resources and sold to the farmers in the L.G even at a much subsidized price.
  3. Purchase of fertilizer and chemicals and sold to the farmers within the Local Government area at subsidized price
  4. The local Government releases large hectares of land for Oyo State palm oil plantation project.


  1. As we all known that health is wealth, the L.G on monthly basis usually buy drugs worth of reasonable amount and distributes it to all health centers within the L.G. area.
  2. Construction of more primary health centers for the health service delivery at strategic locations within the L.G. A.
  3. The Local Government under the leadership of Hon. Isaiah Adegbite in his passion to put an end to the spread of the deadly corona virus disease also known as Covid 19 had procured face masks, sanitizer and liquid antiseptic soap for the people of the Local Government. Also food items such as semovita, rice, beans were given to the vulnerable in the Local Government as palliative measure. The Local Government supplies empty iron drums for the security operative to blocks the assess roads that links the Local Government from other neighbouring states like Kwara and Osun. However, the Local Government organized Community to community sensitization programme on the needs to curb the spread of pandemic disease (Corona Virus) within the Local Government area.

Routine immunization facilities to prevent different diseases for the children, adult people within the Local Government Area

EDUCATION: Education has known as bedrock of development of an area, the Local Government has recorded many achievements in the education sectors of the Local Government in the following ways

  1. Printing and distribution of exercise books for pupils in the primary school

 Within Local Government area

  1. Construction of classrooms at primary school in the Local Government area
  2. Payment of bursary to an indigenous student at various institution of higher learning
  3. Organizing evening classes for youths and adult literacy across the Local Government


  1. Periodically grading of roads across the Local Government area
  2. Construction of road networks

Since creation of the Local Government, the improvement of the road network has been on top of agenda by each successive administration to ease the transportation of people and good from communities to different locations.


The provision of clean portable water is being given the pride of a place; as succeeding Local Government administration  constantly sink more boreholes, and wells to cover more communities in the Local Government Area. This is going a long way to reduce water borne diseases.



This facility  is lacking in most of the area although effort are being made to improve the situations in many areas of the Local Government to enjoy electricity while Local Government has its own generating set to ensure regular light in the office.


The security of life and property are full assured as the peace and security of the areas paramount to each successive administration. Since inception of the Local Government judging from the peaceful nature of the populace. The Local Government put in place security measure, as contingency plan are always in top gear incase of any breach of peace.


Facilities to ease business transaction are being provided at the market from time to time.

The Local Government provides micro-credit to small scale business from time to time